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SEO You're Using Your Keywords Wrongly Fix it Now

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May 11, 2022
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You're Using Your Keywords Wrongly.
Sometimes, what's limiting you from ranking is the inappropriate using your researched keywords.
Adding an irrelevant keyword before your main keyword will slow down your ranking - This is tested and confirmed from my personal experience.
Especially using "How TO" before your keyword. Example: "How to do keyword research".
For Pete's sake, "How To" isn't a keyword, therefore, it shouldn't come before your targeted keyword. It's going to inhibit ranking. That also applies to leaving irrelevant keywords in your slug.
If you want to target "How to do keyword research". You can use this long phrase in your content (or within the body of your article) but when it comes to choosing your targeted keyword. Cut off the "How-To" and "Do", and end your targeted keyword with just "Keyword research". Thus making your Url look like this "www.YourDomainName.Com/Keyword research/.
Why should you do this? This is to specify your targeted keyword to search engines. Anything related to "keyword research" will bring up your content on Google search (whether directly related or not). -- if only your blog has already built authority and is well established. If not, please stay put with low competitive keywords, but still, don't allow any irrelevant words to come before your main keyword.
If your short tail keywords look like this "keyword research", your long-tail keywords should look like "keyword research at home", "keyword research with SemRush", and "keyword research with SEO tools".
Happy blogging.
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