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Wp Plugin What you should know about a wordpress plugin

Ibrahim Buhari

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Jun 3, 2022
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Katsina Nigeria
A worpress pluging are collection of files that add functionality to the wordpress website, as you are using wordpress website sometimes you can wish to add certain functionality to your website so this is done by files that we called plugins.

There many tons of thousands of plugins right now, by which it can be a free plugin, premium or even a subscribtion based plugin.

Before you have to install any kind of plugin in your website you have to thinks about the following things because it shows you how good it is or how bad it is when you have added it in your platform.

Things you should consider before Installing any wordpress plugin​

  • Is it a free pluging. premium or even subscribtion based.
  • Does the pluging developer have enough support for users.
  • Does it have many active downloads and installs.
  • Does it has many positive reviews and what are the negative ones that people make about it.
  • What is the last update, does the developer make updates about it frequentrly.
  • Is it easy to use and navigate.
so the above mentions are among the most important things you should check if you really want a good plugin it does not matters whether it is free, premium or even a subscription you just need quality thing.

So after that then let us see how you can instal a pluging?

How to Install a Wordpress Plugin?​

To install it in your website you need to now the following ways or steps of adding.

Step 1​


If you want install free plugin from your website then you need to Log in to your website and navigate to the plugin area and search for the pluging you want to install and just install and click activate after it has finish installing.

Step 2​


Is by uploading manuallly from your device, you need tp know that you can also upload the pluging thet you have bought because you will download, so you can just upload it innstall and then activate it.
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