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Template Importamt things you should Know before downloading and unloading any blogger Template to your Blog

Ibrahim Buhari

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Jun 3, 2022
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Katsina Nigeria
If you are a blogger whether a beginner, intermediate or expert definitely you need to be changing your blog appearance.

That is by changing template of your blog, by changing the old non styling one with the one that is highly style or even responsive helps your blog in many ways especially in terms of SEO.

Because search engines love good structured contents.

Before changing or moving from your old template to the new one you need to check the following:

Important things to check about Blogger Template​

  • Make sure it is on xml format
  • Make sre you check for the preview the theme to know how it looks like before downloading.
  • Make sure to edit some useless links and contents after uploading
  • Make sure it well structured and highly responsive in order to maintain your SEO.

Lastly my advice to you is that before uploading new one make sure you have backup of your old template
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