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How To Unlock Pattern On Infinix Honeybee?

How to unlock the pattern on an Infinix Honeybee by doing a hard reset or utilizing expensive flashing equipment like a dongle or box; alternatively, you may use free unlocking tools.

Every infinix smartphone has a different method to unlock patterns and security locks. Still, you need to know gsm software repairing and how you can open pattern pins on every intelligent mobile device.

Let's start unlocking patterns on infinix honeybee smartphones without taking much time. Still, first, you need to download the MediaTek USB driver for your PC and then install it properly on your computer.

The first one is hard reset but you mighty loss every data on your infinix honeybee:

Step 1. Switch off the infinix honeybee device.

Step 2. press and hold two buttons, power key plus volume up for a while.

Step 3. once you see the android logo, release all the keys.

Step 4. Scroll using the volume key, up and down, and select factory reset; also select yes and wait until the erase is done.

Step 5. After successfully reset, hit reboot; now you have removed the pattern lock on infinix honeybee. Let's move to another method.

The second method uses a dongle or box to unlock the pattern on the infinix honeybee device. Still, it ensures you have installed the unlocking tool, or you have to buy a dongle or box to be able to unlock the pattern on the infinix honeybee.

Step 1. Download the mtk USB driver install on the PC

Step 2. if you have a dongle or box, try to launch, click unlock service, and turn off the infinix honeybee before connecting with the USB data cable.

Step 3. that's all.


Before you start unlocking any infinix smartphones, you have to check the battery capacity and ensure you have the latest unlocking tool, the latest version. Sometimes even the old version can work properly.
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