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How To Connect External Mic To Samsung Phone

how to connect an external mic to a Samsung phone in this post I will discuss from a to z and also discover the best mobile phone microphone to use for any purpose.

Well, there are a lot of Samsung phone microphones you can use for video recording or live video on social with the future for background noise removal, and you will get those mics online shop or any retailer near you.

Why do you need to get the Samsung phone mic, yes is good to have a phone microphone that is either wireless and is working with Bluetooth or the one you will plug in manually.

Especially, if you're a Vlogger, and you want to make a video tutorial using your android phone or ios iPhone, is great to have an original microphone so your voice can be bold hearing without noise background.

A lot of audiences need to watch a video tutorial without having distractions or some background noise, so is very important to have a premium Mobile phone microphone.

But I suggest you buy online from any seller but if your country does not ban online transactions you can buy from the local market.


  • Background Noise Removal
  • Easy for recording
  • Record a long video
  • One pin to pin
  • Both mobiles supported
  • Long terms of use without a break


However, you will get the premium Samsung mobile phone microphone from any retailer near you or you can get it from the online store and then place the order.

as always before you make an order ensure you have checked the specification and how it works, I mean instruction guide is complete.

One thing, you will consider is microphone has many types and each has different features and works between potable and mini one.

Also, ensure you have checked for your mobile comfortable one, so after you have ordered you won't get any issues, such as not working, rejection, not removing background noise, duplication, and so on.

From my experience I better order a potable microphone that is wireless so I can make the video even am doing something.

Another thing is wire samsung android microphone is for any kind of making videos on social media such as TikTok, Youtube, Snapchat, Vigo, Likes, etc.

let me explain more, why you must have a mobile phone microphone that is useful to you as a TikTok, sometimes.


Generally, every samsung android mobile phone has its own supported microphone, either wireless or manual, you have to check the specs before making an order.

if you are a TikToker and you want to use a premium comfortable microphone, yes you can get on the marketplace both online or regular market.

also if you're a youtube is very important to have a microphone especially if you're using android devices, and then you want to record a video tutorial you have to get the premium microphone so that your voice will be clean without background noise.


You can order from an online store such as express, amazon store, Jiji market, Olisa online store eBay, a there are many online stores you can get for your own choice.

Alixpress store, is a china online store, where you can buy any gadget for your need using a credit card also you can order an android or ios iPhone microphone.

Amazon Online store is a western marketplace where you can order the gadget such as android phones, ios phones, laptops, and accessories, for your needs shipping is regularly

eBay online e-commerce, is a marketplace for everyone in the world, you can get gadgets for your need such as accessories, android, and iOS microphones.

If you are in Africa and you want to buy a Samsung android or ios microphone, there are stores called Jumia and Jiji all are online market place your can order any gadget you need.



That's 's all that I have an idea about how to connect an external mic to a Samsung phone, Reading the article also watch the video is very important, thank you for supporting