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SEO How can I post Quality Post That can Rank on Google

Ibrahim Buhari

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Jun 3, 2022
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Katsina Nigeria


No doubt Quality Post is what search engine loves not only Google, Bing, Baidu and rest of the search engines wea have love quality contents quality contens needs both the two categories of seo that we chave which include on page seo anf off page seo.

Both of the above mentions whether you are using blogger, wordpress or any kind of blog platform you can use the above tactics so that you can drive alot traffic to your website.

So awhat's on- page seo?​

On Page seo deals with what you need to add or what you need in your website during before you publish any kind of posting and some of the most important things you need to do include the following.

Internal Links​

This simply means linking your previours contents to the new one making a good link to your post in order your visitors to understand your content fluently that is the way your contents makes sense.
And the away search engines view this is that if your post is 1000 long it adds to the numbers of internal linking you made which can doble so internal liking helps you to get higher ranking at google.

Image Attributes​

Make sure you are uploading quality images not scrap ones image that are original does well than even stock images, so after you have ipload image add attribute wchich is the name of the image and description which is the explanation of the image image.

Search engine loves this and if your are adding attribute and descriptioons to your images you will notice google will rank your images that is you are getting traffic even from your image from google image search.

Long Contents​

Long contents ranks google higher that you expected research shows that avverage post that ramnks on google are 1000 to 4000 long so you need to write long contents if you want to rank well but it depends on the topic you are talking about make sure you do the way you suit your audiuence needs.

Adding H2 After Tittle​

After H1 that is the post tittle of your contents the heding that follows needs to be H2 and make sure you add your keywords inside it because mostly search engines read only few lines of your contens after tittle to know exactly were your post is heading about.

Post Description​

Post description means explaining what your contenst is all about it describes and explains what you want to teel your readers try not to spam your audience mak goog description so that you can attract attention of your audience also

Short Url​

Research shows that short and tiny url works better than long ones and ranks higher on google thatn long ones so tryto make quality post and make the url of the post tobe tiny and readable.

Off Page SEO​

Another category of ranking your website is off- page it deals with the activities or qualities that you need to rank your website, the simply way to get it is to have external link froma nother website.

You need some publishers or bloggers to be linking to your blog this grab the attension of Google most espicially if you are getting from big websites that has high domain authoirity,.