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An educational course for beginners that takes you from the stage of creating your store on Shopify in the field of dropshipping repeatedly, adding the winning products and social media channels, how to increase your sales in a short time, and the available free marketing methods with knowing the easy and simple way to create a brand specialized for you in the field of printing on demand next to the field of dropshipping and how to activate printing When ordering all products in addition to knowing the freeways to clarify excellent opinions on your store without any costs

There are many educational courses in the field of Shopify dropshipping, but most of them talk in their content about creation only and there are no details regarding orders and how to make orders for some customers, but in this educational course you will find how to create a brand specialized in the field of dropshipping and how to activate social media channels and know the meta Taj and the correct ways to import products in addition to the way to add your product directly from your store on the ground repeatedly with the details related to writing the correct content for your product and the importance of describing this product in marketing points that help your customer to know the features of your product easily and thus this increases your sales opportunity and how important it is to follow your store reports through Product opening periods to the day when you find an increase in sales and what is the correct way to link your domain to Shopify, as well as knowing the winning products and how these products are chosen with ease from the free additions

What you'll Learn
How to build a dropshipping store on Shopify with the correct and required data for this profitable field
The full explanation of the Shopify Dashboard 2022
How to add products on Shopify by writing promotional content (Shopify explanation)
How to add products in a collection and activate gift cards in Dropshipping (Shopify 2022)
Shipping and refund policies in addition to the privacy page to ensure that your store is not locked on Shopify
Shopify applications and programs are ready that qualify you to profit from the Internet and improve the dropshipping store for free
The strongest and the best secret to getting winning products in the field of Shopify dropshipping
Shopify template is the best ever in the field of dropshipping
(Dropshipping) Create a brand that specializes in printing T-shirts for your store in Shopify
Earn from excellent reviews in your shop on Shopify

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