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Best Google Adsense AD Limit Solutions (Fix Within 24 Hours)

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May 11, 2022
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The reason google Adsense places an ad limit on your account is invalid activity, invalid traffics, clicking on your ads, higher referral traffic than organic traffic, bot traffic, invalid click, and so on.

In this article, I will show you the secret way to remove ads limit that is placed on your google AdSense account also I will provide some videos that can help you to report the ad limit issues to the google AdSense team.

Reasons For Google AdSense ad limit on your account :

  • Invalid Activity.
  • Invalid clicks.
  • clicks on your ads.
  • Bot traffics.
  • Referral traffic is higher than organic traffics.
  • Website or blog errors.
  • Wrong Ads Placing.
If someone views one of your blog posts but doesn't click on your advertisements properly, or if they click on one of your ads five times, Google will consider it to be an invalid action and limit the number of advertisements you may have in your AdSense account.

Try to avoid clicking on your adverts as Google may limit them or terminate your account if they receive too many hits. Replace the advertisements code on the proper widget and click on your AdSense ads while attempting to prevent incorrect clicks.


Another method to remedy it is to have more referral traffic than true organic traffic. What you can do is avoid sharing your blog posts on social media if your blog doesn't receive a lot of organic traffic, and utilize Cloudflare to guard your site against bot activity.

Use Cloudflare with Google ReCaptcha to safeguard your blog or website from push or robot traffic if you're a blogger using Wordpress cms, and you won't receive any invalid traffic.

Watch the video about how you can make a report to google Adsense team.

That's all but if you have any questions or another solution for ad limit you can write below.

I hope you get the Adsense AD Limit Solutions to your issues to enjoy.