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phpRank - SEO Reports & Tools Platform (SaaS)

phpRank - SEO Reports & Tools Platform (SaaS) 1.8.0

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phpRank is a comprehensive SEO Reports and Tools Platform, that allows you to generate insightful, concise, and easy-to-understand SEO reports that will help your webpage rank and perform better.

DASHBOARD – Get the account overview at a glance. Quickly manage your latest or underperforming Reports.

REPORTS – Manage the SEO reports and get insightful results:

  • SEO
    • Title
    • Meta description
    • Headings
    • Content keywords
    • Image keywords
    • SEO friendly URL
    • 404 page
    • Robots.txt
    • Noindex
    • In-page links
    • Language
    • Favicon
  • Security
    • HTTPS encryption
    • Mixed content
    • Server signature
    • Unsafe cross-origin links
    • Plaintext email
  • Performance
    • Text compression
    • Load time
    • Page size
    • HTTP requests
    • Image format
    • Javascript defer
    • DOM size
  • Miscellaneous
    • Structured data
    • Meta viewport
    • Character set
    • Sitemap
    • Social
    • Content length
    • Text to HTML ratio
    • Inline CSS
    • Deprecated HTML
PROJECTS – Manage the projects and view their health status.

TOOLS – Web tools and utilities:

  • SERP checker
  • Indexed pages checker
  • Keyword research
  • Website status checker
  • SSL checker
  • DNS lookup
  • WHOIS lookup
  • IP lookup
  • Reverse IP lookup
  • Domain IP lookup
  • Redirect checker
  • IDN converter
  • JS minifier
  • CSS minifier
  • HTML minifier
  • JSON validator
  • Password generator
  • QR generator
  • User-Agent parser
  • MD5 generator
  • Color converter
  • UTM builder
  • URL parser
  • UUID generator
  • Lorem ipsum generator
  • Text cleaner
  • Word density counter
  • Word counter
  • Case converter
  • Text to slug converter
  • URL converter
  • Base64 converter
  • Binary converter
  • Text replacer
  • Text reverser
  • Number generator
EXPORT – Print or export Reports as PDF (using browser’s Print dialog), or export the Account Overview in CSV format.

CHECKOUT – Checkout through PayPal, Stripe, Razorpay, Paystack, Coinbase, Crypto.com, and Bank transfer.

Admin Features​

DASHBOARD – Get an overview of the website’s activity.

SETTINGS – Change the website’s various configuration options.

PAYMENTS – Manage the Payments. View, approve or decline the Payments.

PLANS – Manage the Plans. Create, edit, suspend or view Plans.

TAX RATES – Manage the Tax Rates. Create, edit, suspend or view Tax Rates.

COUPONS – Manage the Coupons. Create, edit, suspend or view Coupons.

USERS – Manage the Users. View, edit, delete or suspend accounts.

REPORTS – Manage the Reports. View, edit or delete the Reports.


Latest version: 1.8.0 View changelog

Have you instead this script? Licence key is not required in installation. After installed phpRank then nulled it.

Null steps:

- Open PHPMyAdmin

- Open the database connected to phpRank

- Enter settings table

- Find 'license_key' and change it to whatever you want

- Find 'license_type' and change it to 'Extended'
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